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What I love about fall

I have mentioned this a couple of times but I love fall!! But if you read my blog you probably know that by now.

There are somthing I look forward to in every season so now I wanted to share what I look forward to in the fall months or what I love about fall.


The colour change

The colour change on leaves witch is my abselout favorite thing about fall. You can from day to day see that we are slowly going from summer til fall. Everyday there are theese little changes.


Food and drinks change
The food changes from light to heavy. What I mean by that is before i would eat something fresh and now in the fall months I can eat soup because it is warming and comforting. And i can get away with drinking a cup of hot cocao, because I wont burn up because the weather is too hot.


I can layer my clothes
I am always cold, so now I can finally layer my clothes. I especially love to wear theese warm long cardigans, they are just so comfy. And I can wear big sweaters without sweating.


I have like 10 blankets but it is officially to warm to put them on in the summer. Now I can sit and whatch my favorite show while wearing/putting on a cozy blancket.


The weather
It is not to cold and it is not to hot. It is just perfect.


This is what I love about the fall months. What do you love about fall??

Wanna see my fall oufit. click here



Casual Fall outfit

I love check shirt. I wear them all the time in the fall time. Today I have created a casual fall outfit. An outfit i typycally wear.

12168094_951569761575033_1544544542_n 12165960_951569738241702_978104067_n 12168457_951569778241698_754965182_o 12063967_951569721575037_1944411770_n 12165757_951569661575043_805388125_n 12167789_951569701575039_30946680_n 12166648_951569581575051_618055036_n

What I wear

Jacket –  from last year, from my local shop
Scarf – H&M
White t-shirt – H&M
Check shirt – H&M
Pants – H&M (Which i cut holes in myself)
Shoes – H&M

You can tell I love H&M. rigth? 🙂
It’s actually where i by most of my clothes.

What are you going to do this fall.

Much Love

Fall Makeup – Big lashes

I love fall and eveything that has to do with fall. Today I’ve created a bold look (lashes). This look can be used to a party, to  all the holidays that are coming up or even as a daytime look if you are that bold.

12166628_951536944911648_826689972_n 12167718_951536801578329_844541592_n 12167853_951537024911640_1827591025_n 12167059_951536754911667_799523583_n 12166370_951537001578309_1483313334_n 12063957_951536874911655_1965379270_n

Products i’ve used:

Foundation – maybelline dream satin liquid in 010 ivory
concealer – Loreal True Match in Ivory
blush -Maybelline Dream touch blush
Highlighter – The Marry Lou Manizer

Eyeshadow –The orange color
Eyeshadow – The “gold” color (In the crease)
Eyeshadow – Black (in the crease)
Lower lashline color (orange, and a little bit of black)
Eyeliner – Eyeliner –  Max Factor Kohl pencil 030 brown (on my upper and lower waterline
Mascara – voluminous x4 waterproof
Lashes – Ardell Demi wispies

Wet’n wild brow kit the lightest brown

Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in nude 42

Hope you like this look. 🙂

Much Love

Easy Day to Night makeup look

For a long time I wanted to create a super simple day look that you can wear to school or work, and when you come home you can quickly switch it to a night look- If you are going out or going out on a romantic date night.

Hope you like it

Day look:

day to night look



Product I have used to my day look:

A mosturiser
Foundation & concealer – Max Factor facefinity 3 in 1 foundation
Blush – Max factor creme puff blush in Lavish Mauve

Mascara – voluminous x4 waterproof

Wet’n wild brow kit the lightest brown

Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in nude 42

Night Look

12077096_946543422077667_1991546121_n 12071815_946543568744319_564488830_n 12083852_946543428744333_857979289_n

Products I have added to the day look to make it a night look:

Highlighter – The Marry Lou Manizer
Bronzer – Rimmel natural bronzer 021 sunlight

L’oreal color Riche in nude and I also put it under my lower lashline
A darker shadow in the crease
A white colour in the inner corner

Rimmel Provocalips Lips in the shade I’ll call you
This lipstick last all night


Much Love