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My favorite Christmas movies

I Love to watch christmas movies. With i nice cup hot chocolate and a cozy blanket.

I feel like it is not christmas if I haven’t seen thoose movies. I watch the same christmas movies every year but I never get tired. and they always makes me laugh just as much when I saw it the first time.

#1 Home alone 1 and 2
I love theese movies. It’s about a boy name kevin who is forgotten at home. If you want a good laugh then this is the movie for you.

#2 The santaclause 1, 2 and 3
This is such a christmasy movie. I love theese movie. I like the 1 and 2 the best.
And this movie is about santa cluase falling of the roof of Scott Calvins house and the adventure just begins from there. Movie filled with fun and warm fuzzies.

#3Elf This is a movie I have watched a couple of times. This is about a man raised as an elf and is now sent to the U.S. to search for his true identity. Super fun and cute movie.

#4 Jingle all the way
A movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. A movie with a family where the father Howard is a workahollic. And he has jet to find the toy hes son wants the most and is most popular. he then goes around to find this toy, but it turns out it is not that easy. Really funny movie.

#5 Grinch
This movie is and old classic. This movie might be a bit scary but really a heart warming movie. I’ts is basically about grinch who steals christmas.

#6 Arthur Christmas
This is actually a movie I’ve recently have watched, because I was searching for a movie on netflix. And this popped up. and i thought I might give it a go. A was plecently suprised how funny and good it is. A more mordern take on a christmas movie. It’s about a the hole behind the scenes on how santa deliver presents.

Some of my favorite christmas movies

What is your favorite chritmas movies. Tell me in the comment section. I would love to know

Much Love


Easy smokey Holiday makeup

I am that person who always want to do a quick makeup look. I don’t want to sit there for hours and do my makeup. Especialley for the holidays.

So today I have a quick makeup look for you. using only 3 eyeshadows. This makeup is perfect for a christmas party or even for new years eve.

12387734_975769382488404_1234184790_n 12388018_975769402488402_353790379_n 12395258_975769399155069_263093043_n 12380547_975769389155070_717987798_n 12387779_975769449155064_1287409330_n 12395286_975769415821734_225283769_n 12387950_975769365821739_822381381_n

Products i’ve used:

A Mosturiser
Foundation – Max Factor facefinity 3 in 1 foundation
blush -Maybelline Dream touch blush in Lavish Mauve
Highlighter – The Marry Lou Manizer

Lid color – Loreal infallible in Erternal Black (a purple almost black color)
Crease color – black
Inner corner – A White/Sandy color (Just to highlight the inner corner)
Mascara – Maybelline Volume Express in waterproof (My favorite mascara right now, click here to see the post where I talk more in depth about it)

Wet’n wild brow kit the lightest brown

Rimmel Kate lipstick in 111 (Matte)

Much Love


My favorite mascara right now

I have a hard time finding the perfect mascara. That one mascara you just cant live without. And now I think I have found mine. It’s the Maybelline Volume express mascara in waterproof.I have never thought about trying this mascara, beacuse it didn’t look like it would do anything. But let me tell you it does.

Why havn’t I tried this before you may asked? I have no good answer for you.

I have really long lashes already, but this just make my lashes even longer. And it dosen’t clump or anything.
I use the waterproof version because it just hold my curl all day, And I need that. It gets my lashes in my inner corner and just lifts them up.

This is the perfect mascara for me right now.edit



Have you tried this mascara. Do you like it? Tell me in the comment section.

Much Love