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Fun easter treat. Bunny Bait!

I love easter. the fun bright colors. More sunshine. Just the fact that we are getting closer to summer is exciting to me.

I want to show this fun easter treat. This is good to make with you kids or if you have a easter party. This could be a snack you could give to the kids or even adult if you wanted.

Just keep scrolling if you wanna found out how to make it.
This reminds me of Dory from fnding nemo. You know “just keep scrolling, just keep scolling” Or you dont know and this is just a really really bad joke πŸ˜€















Ingredients you will need

  • Popcorn (I used one for the microwave)
  • Marsmallow
  • Mini pretzels
  • Chocolate almond eggs
  • 150 g. of white chocolate or whatever you prefer
  • colorfull springles
  • bags for the bunny bait
  • colorfull strings
  • tags (used some from christmas)


The simples steps to this recipe

Melt the chocolate over water bath. While the chocolate is melting you make your popcorns. Now put in the ramaning ingredients and pour over the white chocolate. I don’t have grams on how much of the pretzel and marsmallow or other things I put in, because I just put in how much i wanted in, and how much I felt like there needed to be in. So if you want more pretzel in, just put more pretzels in.

When you have poured over the melted chocolate, just mix it all togehter. Put it on a bakingsheet and let it cool and drie before putting it in a bag.
When it is ready to put in the bag, then this is the time to put your own spin, maybe choose different colors if it’s for a boy or a girl.

There you go. You now have this cute easter treat.

Happy easter!!

Much Love

First impression of Loreal cushion foundation

So I have been wanting to try out the new foundation from loreal.

I havn’t seen many ads or commercials for the new foundation where I live, but I just went to my local beautystore and there is was. I was so suprised to see it on the stand because I haven’t heard it was out.

But I have seen a lot of rewiews on youtube, and I really wanted to give it a try myself and rewiew for my blog.

12833196_10208604603582339_829914891_n12804190_10208604603502337_1735957433_n 12804373_10208604604342358_954009420_n 12825181_10208604604062351_1166532549_n

12835054_10208599991987052_1405189012_nThis is without the foundation i natural daylight


12788027_10208599990147006_1349248428_nThis is with the foundation in natural daylight


12835013_10208599989666994_407685052_nThis is with flash


12833257_10208599988986977_887939222_nWith the rest of my makeup on in natural daylight


With the rest of my makeup on in flash


My First impression:


  • Love The dewyness on the skin.
  • Applices easy on the skin.
  • Looks god in natural daylight.
  • Have a light coverage.


  • Leaves a tackyness on The skin still after 15 min.
  • When you Press on the skin after appying foundation it comes of little bit of on the finger.
  • Dos not look god in flash (taken with an iPhone 6s plus)
  • Has a orange/yellow tint to it in flash.

My overall Review:

I probably scould say first I have dry/nomal skin.

I love the meaning of the foundation and the packaging of the foundation

I had really high hopes for this foundation, it does give a dewy look to the skin. And I must say it looks good in daylight, but it looks awfull in flash photos. It’s a foundation I would wear daily. But I would never wear it to an event, were there is going to be alot of picture taking, because I think think it gives a yellow tint to my skin. The foundation leaves a stickyness to the skin, and when you press your finger on your skin, it kind of comes of on the finger. I think if I were to hug anyone, the foundation would rub of on the persons clothes.

I may have to play around with it a bit more, maybe se how it feels with a primer and how it look with other application tools, like a beautyblender and so on.

I am defenitly not giving up on this foundation yet, I just think I have to see what works with the foudation and what does not work.

And I would really like to know if you have tried this foundation? Do you like it? And does it looks yellow in flash photos for you to?

Much love