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Sourcedbox – July box

Sourcedbox always gets me excited. Tryning all these new healthy snacks is just the best!


July box 14


july box


July box 12


July box 11

The Givning Tree – These are freeze dried strawberry crisps. They are super crispy and taste just like candy!

July box 10

Soffles – Rosmary & thyme pittas. These are super crunchy and can be perfectly paired with dips or soup.

July box 9

Clearspring – Organic soya beans. They are roasted with s sprinkling of chilli and tamari. They are not to strong in flavour, they just give the right amount of chilli. Yum!

July box 8

Bodyme – A raw organic, orange and protein bar. these are handmade in Great Brtain.

July box 7

Rythm 108 – Lemon and ginger biscuits. Sound super delicious!! I have tried something else from this brand and that tasted super delisious.

July box 6

The tiger nut company – You may think that these are nut, but they are actually root vegetables. They are coated with cacao, vanilla and cinnamon. I dont think I have tasted anything like this. Excited to try these!

July box 5

This is actually a little extra thing there were in the box. But I guess it is something you put in your smoothies.

July box 4

Saf raw – Beetroot and horseradish activated crackers. I am not so sure about these, because I don’t like horseradish, but I am still going to try these.

July box 3

The living food kitchen – Inca berry and pumpkin seed flapjack. I love flapjacks so I think I am gonna like this.

July box 2

Wild trail – A seed and nut bar. A bar with only 5 ingredients!

July box 1

Virtue – A Lemon and Lime energy drink


Do you want to order you own box?

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I’m am not the only person that can do this. You can even do it! When you subscribe to your Monthly sourcedbox you get a refferal code. This code can you put anywhere. I wanted to share this with you, in case you wanted to help out a friend or a family member to get a cheaper box.

Click here to see the June box

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What do you think about this months sourcedbox?

Much Love

Makeup look using the Tanya Burr Fairy Tale eye palette

So I recently bought some of the Tanya Burr cosmetics (eyeshadows) so I wanted to use one of the paletts to do a makeup look with.














Makeup i’ve used:

A Mosturiser
Foundation – Max Factor facefinity 3 in 1 foundation
Concealer – Loreal perfect match
blush – Maybelline Dream touch blush in Lavish Mauve
Bronzer – w7 honolulu bronzer

Base – Tanya Burr fairy tale palette. The color cream tea
Crease color –  Tanya Burr fairy tale palett. The color velvet cushion
Crease color – Tanya Burr fairy tale palette witches cat
Lid color – Tanya burr fairy tale palette. The color alohomora
Inner corner – Tanya Burr galaxy palette. The color snowflake
Lashline – brown eyeliner
Mascara – Maybelline Tahe falsies Push up drama in waterproof

Wet’n wild brow kit the lightest brown

Loreal contour lipliner in 668 Rose vintage

Review of the Tanya burr eyeshadow pallette

I recently bought the Burrs 3 eyeshadow pallete. I bought the “Galaxy palette”, the “fairytale palette” and the “hollywood palette”. I know these palettes came out quite awile ago and I don’t know why I haven’t bought Tanya Burrs makeup earliere?

I wanted to do a little review because I want to by something from her new collection. The soft luxe collection, beacuse I saw her youtube and that collection is just super pretty, and look so luxurious and pretty, so therefore I wanted to the review now.

Btw. I ordered my makeup from  beacause this is the only place I can get it from. Also if you like Zoella on youtube she also has som beauty products, and you can also find them on the site. They also alot other brands of makeup. Makeup that you normally don’t find in Denmark.

Zoellas channel:

Tanya Burrs channel:

Now on to the makeup










Galaxy palette                                                 Farytale palette                           Hollywood palette 












All of the colours are super picmentatet and they kind of creamy and soft. They super good to do a day look and a night look were you can smoke it out.


Look out on my blog beacause I have done a makeup look using the farytale palette.

What do you think of the Tanya Burr cosmetics and are you gonna buy some?

Much Love