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Sourcedbox – August

I wanted to share what there is inside sourcedbox this month. As I do every month. I am really excited about all of the thing. There is not one thing I don’t think I’m not going to like. Everything looks so good!

And since I am going to start school again. Yes I still go to school. I think these snacks will be perfect for those long days in school.

Lets see what is in the box! 😀

sourcedbox august


sourcedbox august 2


sourcedbox august 3


sourcedbox august 4  INSPIRAL – Kale Crisps with Baobab and onion. I love kale but I must admit they taste to much of onion, because that is the only thing I can taste. A bit disappointed.

sourcedbox august 5  CLEARLY SCRUMPTIOUS – Jucy Dried Cranberries. I love cranberries. They are so nice and sweet. I f you like raisins, you are going to love cranberries.


sourcedbox august 6  THE PROTEIN BALL CO. – Lemon and Pistachio protein Balls. They have a refreshing lemon taste. They are perfect for after your workout.

sourcedbox august 7  RAW GORILLA – Cacao & Lucuma Munchies. Raw cacao & lusuma bites made sprouted sunflower and buckweat seeds, activated almonds and sweet dried fruits.


sourcedbox august 8  CREATIVE NATURE – Peanut Protein Bar. It’s a bar packed with pea proetin and peanuts. A perfect afternoon snack.

sourcedbox august 9  CHIA BIA – Chia Oil Capsules. This is a little extra thing in this months box. They are these chia oil cupsules filled with omega 3 to support a healthy heart. This is so exciting!

sourcedbox august 10  SIBBERI – Bamboo Water. It have hints of green tea with a smokey after taste. Bamboo water is less syrup-y than maple birch, so it is super refreshing!

sourcedbox august 11  THE RAW CHOCOLATE COMPANY – Vanoffe Mulberries. It is a vanilla and toffee mix wich is draped over organic Turkish white mulberries. I’ve always wanted to try mulberries, but I am kind of scared of trying them, i dont know why? I tend to always stick to the things I know. But I guess now it is the time.

sourcedbox august 12  OLOVES – Lemon and Rosemary Olives. Fresh green olives infused with lemon, rosemary and garlic. I am not a big fan of olives (only in salads) but I think with a bit of seasoning.

sourcedbox august 13  PLANET ORGANIC – Vanilla and Chia Bar. with nuts, raw super foods and plant protein. Delicious!

sourcedbox august 14  YUYO – Yerba Zing and Mint Tea. teas packed with Yerba mate.

They are so many yummy and delicious snacks. What are you most excited about in this months sourcedbox!

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Much Love

July favorites

The months are going by so fast. I have been loving some stuff the past month, so I thought I might show it on my blog.

July favorites 0

July favorites 1

July favorites 2

July favorites 3

July favorites 4

July favorites 7

July favorites 6

July favorites 5

July favorites 8

July favorites 9

July favorites 10

July favorites 11

July favorites 12

July favorites 13

Tanya Burr Rosy cheek palette  
I must admit I never thought that the makeup youtuber have made is good,
but I have been pleasant suprised. I especially love the bronzer. It is perfect for me!

Batiste Dry Shampo
This mini dry shampoo is perfect if you are going on a trip.
It is also perfect to just keep in your bag. I really love the batiste brand.
It is just light and gives you a bit of volume.

Kale Chips
I love kale chips. And I don’t have a one brand that I love.
Any brand would do! I think kale have this kind of bitter after taste. And I love that taste
Weird right? 😀 These Kale chips came in the August Sourced box.

W7 concealer
This was actually an impuls buy. Because I needed a new concealer and I just wanted a
cheap on. This concealer has actually suprised me. I looks so natural on the skin.
And it dosen’t feel heavy on the skin even though it have a thick consistency.

Lorea’l mosturizer
I use moisturizer day and night and this works perfect for me.
It just gives me the sofest skin. This is also made for dry and sensitive skin.
So this works perfect for me!

Tanya Burr Fairytale eye Palette 
This is another thing from Tanya Burr. I just love her eye palettes.
They are creamy and super pigmented. They just work!
See the little review I wrote here
 See the my makeup using tis palette here

Sunglasses is a must during the summer. And I have been wearing these non stop.
They are from H & M.

Herome Nail Hardener 
This is a nail treatment for those who have nails that break and those who want
long pretty nails. I always grow my nails out, but whenever they get
to a certain lenght, they just break and get short again. So I wanted to try this out,
to see if it would help my nails. It is a 3 week treatment. And you can also use it as a base for your nail polish.

A Watch
I love watches they are just a great accessorie to your jewlery.
And I love this watch from Asos because it looks super good, but it was also very cheap. So I couldn’t really ask for more. I do have a gold watch but that one is just to tight for my wrist right know. and I wanted one just can adjust yourself.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter
I have just been using whipes to take my makeup. Yeah it is bad!?
So I wanted to get a cleanser  or comething to make it easy to take my makeup off with.
So found out that the body shop had a cleansing balm. And I havebeen using it every time I have been wearing makeup. It is just so easy to take my makeup off. And it makes my skin really soft.

Burts Bee Lip Balm
I can never get enough lip balms. They are just so good to put in your bag and you can just apply during the day. I hate dry lips so I always need a lip balm with me. And this lip balm smells really good, makes my lips super soft and it is 100% natural.

Those were my favorites this month. Tell me what your favorites were in July. I would love to know.

Much Love

Blue on blue on blue – Denim

My love for denim started in my early teenage years, where denim skirts were really popular. Now I have found my love for them again. I have seen them everywhere. Youtube, instagram and so on. So I decided I wanted to buy one for my self! Everybofy needs a denim skirt, it is a staple in the wardrobe!

And the color blue i love, I guess it is because it compliments and make my blue eyes stand more out.

Also I have been looking for the perfect denim jacket, and I dont know why I’ve just bought one now. Maybe I just didn’t think it would suit me. And it is kind of 90’s. I just love the fact that some of the trends from the 90’s is coming back!











I decided to pair the skirt with a blue striped crop to, you could pair the skirt with so many things. (almost everything goes) It is really up to you.
I put my favorite necklace on (the one I wear everyday :D)And I also put on a turquoise choker on.
I really wanted to pair this outfit with some white sneakers, but I just don’t have any at the moment, so I decided to pair the outfit with some blue sandals.
I also put on some rings.


Where is my outfit from?

Crop top – H & M
Skirt – H & M
Jacket – H & M
Sandals – Deichmann
Jewlery – Gift

If you didn’t know I buy 90% of my clothes in H & M

The makeup I am wearing. Click here to see


Much Love