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My favorite bloggers at the moment

Even though I love to promote my own blog. I feel like we need to promote others bloggers. I get inspiration to my blog from everywhere it can be looking at a picture, what my own passion is, but I also get inspirations from other bloggers. There are just some blogs that you look up to an think “I want to be able to make a post about that.”  And. It also makes my mind think. And then all these ideas come out of you head, and you just want to find your voice, and how you can become a good/better blogger.

You may already know these blogs. But if you don’t know them, then you’ll just discover new bloggers. Great right!?

1. Meg says

She is actually a person I first discovered recently on youtube. And I can just remember how smily and happy she seemed. Then I heard her saying that she had a blog, and I immediately rushed over to see it. And the blog just represent her. It is light, fresh and you just get really happy.
She writes about makeup and lifestyle.
If you want a refreshing blog then you need to read her blog!
Click here to see her blog


2. Poppy Days 

If you know about Alfie days on youtube, you problaby know that he has a sister who has a blog. She writes about health, food recepies and travel. It is just a really good blog to find healthy recipes. A blog full of pretty pictures
Click here to see her blog

3. Niomi Smart

One of my all time favourite blogger and youtubers. I think the recent I love her blog so much is because her blog is about healthy food, skincare, makeup and lifestyle. And I think that is something I love to write about and I would love to write more about. And her pictures is just always on point and you know just get this positive vibe about from her. And if you know me I always try to stay positive and happy.

In fact she is comeing out with a reciepe book, wich I’ve already preordred.
Check out her blog here
Check out her youtube here

4. Zoella

One of my all time blogger and youtuber again. 🙂
She is kind of similar to Niomi, but she mostly right about makeup, fashion and lifestyle. You may already know her beacuse she has millions of subscribers (and she desrves all of them) but I thought I would just mention her anyways.
Check her blog out here
Check her youtube out her


This was a few of my favorite bloggers a the moment. I keep discovering new blogs.

Tell me what are your favorite bloggers, I would love to know.


Much Love

Why bloglovin is the place to be at

Bloggers at one place

What is bloglovin?

Is where you can follow bloggers, you can like posts and fovorite the post you would like to save and maybe read again.
You can discover new bloggers and on bloglovin It is bloggers in one place/site.
You can go on bloglovin and see if the blogs you follow has posted anything new and interesting.

How do I create an account?

When you go on you click on sign up, here you can sign up with your email adress or facebook. Super easy right?

You can also get the bloglovin app to your phone, then you can read your favorite blog on the go. The app is for android and apple devices.

Share the posts with your friends

You can even share the posts to facebook or pinterest.

I am too on bloglovin
click here to see my account. Follow me on bloglovin to see when i make new blogposts.
I love getting new followers.

“Discover what is popular in fashion, makeup, interior design, food and so much more”

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Much Love