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Blue on blue on blue – Denim

My love for denim started in my early teenage years, where denim skirts were really popular. Now I have found my love for them again. I have seen them everywhere. Youtube, instagram and so on. So I decided I wanted to buy one for my self! Everybofy needs a denim skirt, it is a staple in the wardrobe!

And the color blue i love, I guess it is because it compliments and make my blue eyes stand more out.

Also I have been looking for the perfect denim jacket, and I dont know why I’ve just bought one now. Maybe I just didn’t think it would suit me. And it is kind of 90’s. I just love the fact that some of the trends from the 90’s is coming back!











I decided to pair the skirt with a blue striped crop to, you could pair the skirt with so many things. (almost everything goes) It is really up to you.
I put my favorite necklace on (the one I wear everyday :D)And I also put on aย turquoiseย choker on.
I really wanted to pair this outfit with some white sneakers, but I just don’t have any at the moment, so I decided to pair the outfit with some blue sandals.
I also put on some rings.


Where is my outfit from?

Crop top – H & M
Skirt – H & M
Jacket – H & M
Sandals – Deichmann
Jewlery – Gift

If you didn’t know I buy 90% of my clothes in H & M

The makeup I am wearing. Click hereย to see


Much Love



Casual Fall outfit

I love check shirt. I wear them all the time in the fall time. Today I have created a casual fall outfit. An outfit i typycally wear.

12168094_951569761575033_1544544542_n 12165960_951569738241702_978104067_n 12168457_951569778241698_754965182_o 12063967_951569721575037_1944411770_n 12165757_951569661575043_805388125_n 12167789_951569701575039_30946680_n 12166648_951569581575051_618055036_n

What I wear

Jacket – ย from last year, from my local shop
Scarf – H&M
White t-shirt – H&M
Check shirt – H&M
Pants – H&M (Which i cut holes in myself)
Shoes – H&M

You can tell I love H&M. rigth? ๐Ÿ™‚
It’s actually where i by most of my clothes.

What are you going to do this fall.

Much Love