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Easy Easter Treat number 1 – Rice crispy with eggs and sprinkles

I want to create som easy easter recipes, so this is the first one. I don’t know exactly how many i want to do, but right now I have two recipes in my mind that I want to do.


If you want to create this recipe then keep reading


Ingredients you need:

40 grams of butter
150 grams of marshmallow
About 140 grams of rice krispies
Some colored sprinkles or some of your choice
some fun easter candy. I used these sugar eggs.
You can use any easter related candy you want, you could even put chocolate in if you want.

Obviously this is not at healthy, but I don’t make very often so I think it is okay.

What to do next:

You need to get a pot that is medium to large so you can stir easily.
First you need to melt your butter in your pot, when the butter is melted you put the marshmallows in. You don’t want to high heat, or else you are going to burn your marshmallows. you just want to melt your marshmallow so there aren’t any clumps. turn off the heat and quickly add you rice krispies into the marshmallow mixture and add your sprinkles and candy in to the mixture. You could put the candy in first, and then the rice krispies, but I just did it in that order. It was a little hard to stir, but i managed.

Then you need to put it in a tin either rubbed with some butter or lined with a baking sheet.I think it is easier to put  baking sheet, the you can get it out super easy. Be carefull not to burn yourself if you are touching the marshmallow and rice Krispie mixture, you can add some water, butter or vegetable oil on to your hands so it dosen’t stick. Cause it will be sticky. I put mine in a really small tin or whatever you want to call it. Obviously I got really big squares out of it, so just use a smaller tin if you want.

Then you need to let it cool before you cut it, but it wont take long. Now you can cut it in to squares or any shape your prefer.




Hope you enjoy! 🐣

Much Love

My spring essentials! 2016

Spring is here. The weather here is finnally getting warmer, where I live. I’m am super excited for summer. But before summer, spring comes. I have gathered a few of my essentials for spring. These are the things I will use most this spring.




Beceause I’m am so pail, I almost blend in with my white sheets I like to wear a tan. Now this is actually a gradual tan, because a normal tan, would just look to orange on me. This is the Dove Derma spa for meduim to dark skin. This tan just look really natural and just adds a sunkissed look to your skin. I was actually inspired by anna saccone on youtube, to use this tan. You can go and watch the video here.


I am all about that waterproof mascara. If you have read any of my makup blog posts, you know that I only wear waterproof mascara. This is the maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara, and this keeps my lashes curled all day. A recent favorite of mine.
Bright lips is the way to go in spring and summer time. This is a lipgoss from maybeline in Alluring Coral. When you have it on, it almost looks like you just ate a orange posicle, which I love.
Here we have a mat lipstick, because sometimes I want a matt look. This is from rimmel in the color 109. It dosen’t have a color name, it is just called 109. Super pretty color.


This  is a lipbalm with a little bit of color. And this is if I don’t want to wear a lipgloss or a lipstick. I just grap this and it gives my lips a little bit of color. This is the babylips in the color cherry me.


hydration, hydration, hydration. It is so important to keep your skin and body hydrated. I have a tendency to foget to drink water, so I keep a waterbottle next to me alle the time, just to keep reminding me all the time.


Even though I drink water, my skin also needs a bit of love on the outside. This is a bodycreme from a danish store with pomegranatet sent. Love this!


13115787_10209170725135024_1354428545_nI also want to protect my eyes from the sun, so a pair of sunglasses is what you will see me wear all spring and summer. This pair is from H&M.


13115296_10209170724775015_1605679209_nA cute, light spring top is what I need on a good spring day. From Sisters Point. Super cute!


Thoose were all my spring essentials. Hope you liked this post.

What is your spring essentials? I would love to know!


Much Love

A pretty pop of blue. Pretty spring makeup

This makeup would look super good on blue eyed people. And I tink it is fun sometimes to play around with colors, instead of the standart brown and neutral colors.

I didn’t add too much blue, because It can be a bit too much. Thats atleast what I think. But you can totally add more blue If you want to.









Products i’ve used:

A Mosturiser
primer – Lumi Magique
Foundation –  Loreal cushion (a light layer)
Foundation – Max Factor facefinity 3 in 1 foundation
Concealer – Loreal perfect match
blush – Maybelline Dream touch blush in Lavish Mauve
Highlighter – The Marry Lou Manizer
Bronzer – w7 honolulu bronzer

Crease color – A liitle bit of brown shadow
Lid color – Loreal shadow in nude 200
Lid color – White shadow (only put this on the middle of the eyelid)
Inner corner – A white eyeshadow
Lower lashline color – brown
Lower inner lashline – rimmel london in Magnetic blue
Mascara – Maybelline The falsies volume in waterprooof
Mascara – Maybelline The falsh lash telescopic

Wet’n wild brow kit the lightest brown

Maybelline in 904 Wild Rose

Hope you enjoyed this post


Hope you enjoy


Much love