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Last minute easter treat – Rice Krispies with homemade cookie dough eggs 🐣

I wanted to do some more easter treats. this one is super easy and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do. The eggs are the only thing that takes up a little more time, because you have to shape them.




70 grams of oatmeal
60 grams of ground almonds
1 Tbsp of coconut oil
1 tbsp almond butter/peanut butter
About 60 grams of rice krispies
2 tbsp of pure maple syrup
1 tbsp of freeze dried raspberries
1 bar of chocolate or 90 grams

how to I make them
You start by melting the chocolate in a water bath. When the chocolate is melted you put in the rice krispies. just put in the rice krispies little by little. I put in a little less than what it says in the recipe. Then you put in some cupcake/muffin liners, when you have added the mixture you want to spread it out a bit so it look like a little nest. you want to let the chocolate dry.

After that you need to ground up the oats, so they turn into a flour. Now melt the coconut oil and put in the maple syrup, the peanut butter and mix it together. After that add the grounded oats and the almond flour. Lastly add the freeze dried raspberries. You can even split up the “dough” and add some chopped chocolate to the one of them and add some freeze dried raspberries to the other. I just put  freeze dried raspberries in. Now comes the part that takes quite a long time. You want to form the “dough” into eggs, I wasn’t very good at shaping the eggs, but it is homemade, so it dosen’t have to be perfect. I think they look alright. Just do the best you can. Now add the eggs to the nest and then you are done, and you can enjoy them.


I can’t take credit for this recipe. Niomi Smart from youtube made it. I just wanted to recreate it.

Hope you like it. Have a good easter. 🐣


Much Love


Recipe on eton mess

Strawberries, Meringue, whipped cream and raspberries. So delicious! Mixed togehter even more delicious!!

eton mess 1


eton mess 0


eton mess 3


eton mess 5


eton mess 4


eton mess 6


eton mess 7


eton mess 9


eton mess 13


eton mess 11


10-11 strawberries. Or as many as you like
about 300 g. of raspberries
60 g. of sugar
About 2 dl. cream
6 homemade/store bought  meringes

Put the raspberries and sugar in a pot, boil it down so it is more liquidy (about 10 min. on low heat) While the raspberries boil down, whisk the cream.
Sieve the raspberries so there are no seeds. now cut the strawberries in halves and then in halves again if they are big.

Put the whipped cream with the strawberries and pull apart the meringue and add it to the strawberries and cream. Mix it togehter.

Put it in pretty glasses. I don’t have pretty glasses so regular glasses will do. If it taste good, who needs pretty glasses. Am I right? 😀 Add the raspberry mix. And you have a perfect summer dessert.


Much Love

Chocolate cake with orange

A real classic cake. If you dont want the orange juice in the cake you can just add 1 dl. more water. There is a lot of sugar in, but this is a big cake.

11868710_924060267659316_1443675901_n 11874035_924060320992644_1958147787_n 11880700_924060324325977_2003913192_n



4 eggs
400 g. sugar
200 g. butter
1 ½ dl. milk
½ dl. orange zest or orange juice
400 g. flour
6 tbsp. cocoa powder
3 tsp. vanilla sugar
4 ½ tsp. baking powder
1 dl. water

Glace if you want

this is going to fill a big baking pan

1. whip the eggs and sugar white and fluffy
2. Melt the butter and add the milk and orange zest/juice. Put it in the sugar and eggs mixture
3. In another bowl mix the flour, cocoa powder, vanilla sugar and baking powder. (sift it in if you want to)
4.  Pour in the water while mixing.
5. Put the batter in a big baking pan. Bake it in a 180 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes.
6. Let the cake cool down before putting on the glace
7. eat!!

Let me now if you make this and tag the picture on instagram with the #foodwithguldbrand

Hope you like it.


Much Love

Yummy and easy lemon sponge cake

I love cake, and sometimes it is okay to treat yourself with a little peace of cake.
I’ve been craving lemon for little while now and I decided to make a sponge cake beacuse they are so easy to make.









250 g. Sugar
250 g. butter
250 g. flour
4 eggs
Zest and juce og 1 lemon
1 teaspoon og baking powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar

The butter should be soft, so put it out of the fridge 1 hourh before you have to use it.
When the butter is soft mix it with the sugar until it becomes light and creamy. Now mix in 1 egg at a time. It may seem like the batter has split, but it dosen’t have any affect on the cake when it has baked in the oven.
Add the lemon and mix again. Add the bakeing powder, vanilla and flour and mix it untill it comes togehter.

Put the batter in a bread pan lined with baking paper, it has be a pan that is little bit longer then a regular bread pan.

Now put the cake in a cold oven and turn it on at 175 degrees and bake it for 1 hourh. (Mybe a little bit less) My cake took about 55 min. to bake.

When the cake has cooled down you can eather clace  it, or dust it with powdered sugar.

Now… eat! 😀

Much Love

Peanut butter balls

Do you love peanutbutter as much as I do? Then you are gonna love theese peanutbutter balls. Super easy recipe too.



11774363_910196939045649_578251481_n (1)


Ingrediens you need:

250 g. peanutbutter
130 g. confectioners sugar
35 g. rice krispy
57 g. butter
180 g. chocolate

Melt the butter and then put the peanubutter in the butter and melt that with.
While the peanutbutter is melting, put the confectiners sugar, rice krispy in a bowl.
When the peanutbutter is melted pour it in the sugar and rice krispy and combine. It may seem like there is alot of sugar. But just combine it slow and it will come together.

Roll the mixture into balls. This is best to do with wet hands, so the peanutbutter dosen’t stick to our hands. When they are rolled put them in the frigde to cool. For about 30 minuttes.

Now melt the chocolate  and turn the balls in the chocolate. Put them in the fridge again so the chocolate can harden.

now eat these delisious treats.
Hope you will try this recipe out. If you do you can # your picture on instagram with the hashtag #blogbyguldbrand so I can see.


Much Love

DIY Starbucks cotton candy frapuccino

I’ve always wanted to try the cotton candy frapuccino, but there is just two problems i don’t live near a starbucks, and they don’t sell them in the danish starbucks. So I firgured out that I could just make it myself. And now I have. I’ts delicious 🙂







What do you need?

This recepie is for one person only, so you might have to double it.

1,5 dl. icecubes
1,5 dl. milk
3 tablespoons vanilla icecream
3 tablespoons rasberry jam
Whipcreme for the topping

Strain you jam if it is with seeds, if you want a more smooth consistency.
After that put all your ingrediens in you blender and blend away.
Top it with whipped cream.

Now you have your own cotton candy frappucino.


Much Love

Sprøde hasselnød og chokolade cookies

Forleden dag købe jeg disse hasselnød cookies med chokolade og så tænkte jeg, dem kan jeg da lave der hjemme. Og lave endnu flere af dem endda. Og det har jeg så gjort.


11121041_892281404170536_1285006122_n - Kopi


redigeret 2

Put sukker, brun farin, smør og ægget i en skål. Pisk det til det er kombineret.

redigeret 1

Hak derefter chokoladen og hasselnødderne nogenlunde fint. Tilføj det derefter til sukkermassen samt melet og natron.


fordel dejen på en bageplade, her brugte jeg en isske for at få dem nogenlunde ensartet. Jeg kunne få 9 småkager på min bageplade, men det kommer an på hvor store du laver dem. Derefter pressede jeg dem lidt fladt.
Kagerne  skal så bages i 7-13 minutter i en 175 grader ovn.
Her kommer så den svære del. De skal køles lidt ned inden du sætter tænderne i dem, da de stadig er meget bløde når de kommer ud. Men de også gode når chokoladen stadig er lidt blød. Kagerne skal være lidt brune ude i kanten.

11118330_892281354170541_1974976641_n - Kopi


150 g blødt smør
120 g. sukker
100 g. brun farin
1 æg
200 g mel
130 g. hasselnødder
140 g. chokolade
1/2 tsk. vanilje sukker (dette puttede jeg ikke i)
1/2 tsk. natron

OBS: Denne opskrift er fra Så opskriften her er ikke hjemmelavet, Men jeg syntes bare denne opskrift er så at jeg bliver nødt til at dele den med jer andre.

Much Love