Sourcedbox August 2018

A late post again. I really need to step it up. But here it is.




Salty chive & onion popcorn – The great stuff company
Popcorn with a sweet and savory flavours

Coconut & strawberry clusters – Pure bite 
Bite size clusters of crunchy coconut blended with gorgeous dried strawberry
Would have loved to see resberries, because the strawberries were a bit to sweet in these.

Paprika & chilli roasted peas – Brave 
Peas with a powerful punch. These were delicious

Raspberry brownie balls – The protein ball co. 
These brownie balls have 12% protein and are rolled in sour freeze dried raspberries.

Chocolate squares – Peakz 
With great iron and fibre. Perfect snack on the go.

Baribari barus nuts – kinomi
Barus nuts. roasted until crunchy and coated with Kinomi soya glaze and sprinkled with cumin, coriander, chilli and lime.

Apple scrummies – clearly scrumptious
Apple flavoured juicy cranberries and succulent raisins.

Berry superbar – Naturya
Nutrient-dense and flavour-intense. Packed with 9 superfoods

Queen of green & feisty turmeric guru tea – Joe’s tea co.
Smooth green tea & a fired up ginger tea

Natural energy  drink – tenzing
Made using a traditional sherpa recipe


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Have you tried this months box? If yes what did you think of it? Comment your favorite snack from the box, in the comment section, I would love to know.

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