Sourcedbox – December 2017

I have decided to subscribe to sourcedbox again. I have missed it so much. So you can see my post every month, and see what is in the box, and what my thoughts about the box of the month is. On the bottom of the page, there will be a link. It will take you to Sourcedbox’s webpage. If you subscribe to your first monthly box you can save some money, by clicking on the link.

Look at all these yummy snacks!

Vegetable Crisps – Emily Crisps
I love crunchy crisps, these are a good alternative. I have tried their version with banana crisps, and they were so good. This package contain French beans, sugar snap peas and black edamame beans.

Bliss balls – The Bondi kitchen
These are plant protein bliss balls, with nut and a hint of orange. I love the combination chocolate and orange, and it is perfect for christmas.

Mint chocolate/cherry protein bites – SAF
These are chocolate bites with cherry and mint. I work out so this is a perfect after workout snack.

Seed superbar – Naturya
This is a high protein and fiber bar. It is packed with 8 superfoods. So easy to get some superfoods.

Christmas spice chocolate bar – Sourcedbox
This is sourcedbox very own chocolatebar. It is a chocolate bar with spices, orange and raisins. This is so good, it is not to dark, and to light when it comes to the chocolate. The spice and orange flavours are perfect for christmas. I tasted it right away, and it is so good!

Wild blackberry and pear – Sunsoul
This is an energy drink with natural ingredients. made with spring water, fruit and botanicals.

Apple and cinnamon kick banana bar – Snact
A bar with banana, oats and pumpkin seeds, apple, pecans and cinnamon.

Choc omega – Elements for life
Chocolate brownie with nuts, seeds and raw cacao. Just to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Raw millionaire bites – Livia’s kitchen
A chocolate bar with a oat base covered with a  gooey date filling, topped with a thin layer of raw dark chocolate. It sounds so good. And it has caramel in it, and I love caramel!

Berry blend – Porshn
This is a berry blend powder, that are high in vitamin C. You can put this powder in your smoothies or shakes

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If you subscribe to Sourcedbox through the link above you will receive 15% off your first MONTHLY box. Just to make you aware, that this helps me get a discount on my next box.
I’m am not the only person that can do this. You can even do it! When you subscribe to your Monthly Sourcedbox you get a refferal code. This code can you put anywhere. I wanted to share this with you, in case you wanted to help out a friend or a family member to get a cheaper box.

Much love


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    1. Yes it does, I’m so excited to eat it all😛 That’s a nice gesture, I am sure your friend is gonna love it.

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