Sourcedbox July 2018

The month of July. So many good things happened  in July.
I am sorry that this post is up so late. Even though I have a summer holiday, I actually got a job, so there hasn’t been much free time.

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Chilli and Lime sweet potato sticks – Emily crisps
These were super crunchy like “real” crisps. I rather have these than the regular ones

Strawberry Stomp mix – Real handful
mix with nuts, seeds and fruit

Sea salt and rice crackers – Neat’s
sea salt crackers. Light and crunchy. Super yummy

Raspberry sparkling water – Dash water
Sparkling water infused with raspberry. Not too sparkly like a soda would be, so it is super refreshing

Blueberry and apple granola – Verival
crunshy clusters of oats and barley combined with blueberrries and diced apples.

Lemon and chia munchies – Raw gorilla
activated and cold pressed to maximise the nutrients

Tumeric and ginger pili nuts – raw and wild
Creamy pili that are activated before being coated with sprinkling og ginger and tumeric

Peanut butter sachet – Pip and nut
perfect squeeze packs are ideal for a natural energy boost on the go. love peanutbutter!

Apple bar – wild trail
Made in Wales with only 5 ingredients

Choc – orange burst bar – Aduna
Super indulgent tasting energy bar


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Have you tried this months box? If yes what did you think of it? Comment your favorite snack from the box, in the comment section, I would love to know.

Much Love


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