Sourcedbox June 2018

Sourcedbox june has arrived!
Putting this post a bit late, bin so busy with exams.

walnut stuffed jujube fruit – abakus
jujube fruit with stuffed wulnut
Love jujube fruit

raw kale & cacao muesli – primrose’s kitchen
A good combination of fresh kale, british oats, air dried cacao, sesame seed, almonds and a natural date syrup.

Culturaw vegan sausage – biostyle
snack made with sprouted seeds and dried to 42 degrees.
I must say I am a bit skeptical about this. I have never eaten anything like this.

 Orange, ginger & maple nuts – boundless
with pecan nuts, almonds. pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Habanero corn kernels – love corn
corns with a hot twist.
I was a bit scared when i read the word habanero, but if you take one at a time its not to bad 😀

Coconut & chia truffels – nouri
coconut truffles blended with juicy fruits and crunchy chia seeds.
I must say I was so excited to try these, but to me they did not taste good, I dont now if it was because of the coconut, because I am not a big fan of coconut.

Cacao, coconut and chia Bar – N’eat
Soft chewy bar with cacao, coconut & chia seeds.

Double espresso protein bar – Primal pantry 
A perfect bar for hitting the gym. With natural caffeine and plant protein.

Still lemonade – We made
refreshing lemonade, made with good ingredients.
I love lemons, i love the sour taste. I have tried making my own lemon water, but it always taste weird. This was so good good, it reminded me of a lemon pie.

Original bananito – Mightybee
Bananas grown in rural Thailand and slowly tanned.
I love this brand, but the one with chocolate is so much better. These tasted kind of weird without the chocolate.


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Have you tried this months box? If yes what did you think of it? Comment your favorite snack from the box, in the comment section, I would love to know.

Much Love

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