Sourcedbox – June box

A new sourcedbox has arrived. I’m am so excited! Wait… I am always excited about my sourcedbox 🙂

I love receiving my sourcedbox, just beacause then I realise so many new healthy snacks and brands. It is like a little gift every month

So what is in this months Sourcedbox

june box


june box 1


june box 4


june box 5


june box 6 Mange tout & Red pepper snacks. Freeze – dried vegetables. Mange tout is french for ‘eat everything’. And thats is indeed right. Super yummy snacks!


june box 7  Maple syrup activated almonds. Crunchy, tasty and nutritious nut with maple syrup.


june box 8  Apple, bluberry and banana fruit jerkey. Love fruit jerkey so tasty.


june box 9
Spicy bbq coconut jerkey. Thai coconuts soaked in a tomato bbq sauce. dehydrated to lock in the nutrients.


june box 10  Sour cherry vanilla bar. 60% raw cacao with sour cherries and vanilla bean.


june box 11  Raberry ripple. A fruity favourite bursting with rasberries. A sweet tangy bar.


june box 12  Cacao and rasberry bar. A cold pressed bar to reatin the nutrients and taste.


june box 13  Orange and cashew granola. Gluten free oats with carrot, cinnamon, chia seeds and psyllium husks.


june box 14  Chilli bites. Toasted sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds and sweet apricot kernels with a gentle kick of chilli.


june box 15  Watermelon water. Watermelon water that hydrates like coconut water, with extra anti – oxidants and amino acids. Best served cold.


That’s everything in the box this months box. Everything looks super colourful!!

So excited about everything!!

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Do you want to order you own box?

If you subcribe to sourcedbox through the link above you will receive 15% off you first MONTHLY box. Just to make you aware, that this helps me get a discount on my next box.
I’m am not the only person that can do this. You can even do it! When you subscribe to your Monthly sourcedbox you get a refferal code. This code can you put anywhere. I wanted to share this with you, in case you wanted to help out a friend or a family member to get a cheaper box.

Much Love


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