Sourcedbox March 2018

I totally forgot to make this months sourcedbox post. The sourcedbox arrived a little later than it usually do, because of the storm over there. But here it is, hope you like it.

Mighty mango slices – PRESS
Fruit with a lot of vitamin A. No added sugar, the only ingredient is mango. I love mango, the texture was a bit hard. This would be so good if it was a bit more soft, kind of hurt my teeth a little, but the flavour was so good!

Butternut squash squares – INNATE
With a tasty blend of warming  butternut squash, onion and pepper. I am not a bit fan a butternut squash. But I am still going to try it. You never no maybe I will like it a lot.

Mylk and crispie chocolate bar – RAW HALO
With healthy buckwheat and raw mylk chocolate. Super delicious chocolate.

Salted peas – BRAVE
British grown peas, roasted and tossed in salt. YUM. these were so good!

Bbq roasted corn – LOVE CORN
Roasted corn with bbq flavour. These are so much better than the ones with just salt.

Toffee triumph protein chunks – TREEK
Protein bites with toffee flavour. Easy way to get some protein.

Orange chocolate chickpeas – SOURCEDBOX
Chocolate orange flavour, with a chickpea center. This was so good. I need more. 😀

Kale and cashew bar – THE FOOD DOCTOR
Oats and apple, with a mix of veggies. a great source of fibre. I must say I did not love this one, Normally I love kale, but the taste was a bit weird for me, greate texture though.

Almond and vanilla quinoa granola – QNOLA
With puffed quinoa, almonds and chia seeds with a mix of the flavours vanilla and cinnamon. Love these puffed quinoas, they are so light and fluffy. Great on a smoothie bowl.

Toasted coconut soda – BIG BOSS PALM
With toasted coconut, a hint of citrus and a added sparkling thai coconut water base.
I am not a big fan of coconut water, but I might like this one.

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Have you tried this months box? If yes what did you think of it? Comment your favorite snack from the box, in the comment section, I would love to know.

Much love

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