Sourcedbox May 2018

Another Sourcedbox has arrived at my doorstep. Sometimes I want to try new snacks, but this month I was hesitant on a lot of the snacks, even though they taste really good. I was pleasantly surprised. I just think I am scared it is going to taste bad.



Raspberry and vanilla popcorn – The grat stuff
Sweet with a tangy kick. perfect for a movie night, or just a regular monday 😀
I’ve only tried salty or sweet popcorn. love it when it is a different falvour

Goji berry and pumpkin seed porridge – The great british porridge company
A porridge with a lot of nutrients and protein. perfect way to start your day

Sunflower pretzel bites – Indie bay
Crunchy and delicious. I must say that these did not taste of that much


Dairy free and decaf tea – PG tips
Who dosn’t love a good cup of tea

Cacao orange and tumeric clusters – superfoodio
Rich with cacao and orange with a golden twist of tumeric.
I am not sure how to feel about these. I love cashews but I find it weird to eat them with orange and chocolate.

Peanut and jam balls – The protein Ball co.
A great twist on a classic american combo.

Raspberry burch water – Tapped
sweet and refreshing drink

Moist mixed berry bar – Get fruity
Real fruit infused with berry juice. This was so good. I could eat these every day

Strawberry and vanilla chocolate – Kaakao
This bar has only four ingredients. Perfect when you have a chocolate craving

Sea salt caramellow bar – Real Handful
With nuts, seeds and fruit. This was so good. it was sweet but hat a nutty flavour. Love

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Have you tried this months box? If yes what did you think of it? Comment your favorite snack from the box, in the comment section, I would love to know.

Much Love


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