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Dainish apple “cake”

This is not really a cake, but that is what we call it. I don’t now much about the history of this recipe, but you also made this applecake back in the old days.

this “cake” concist of apples that have been cut uo in pices and boiled, Vanilla cake mix (this is what I like) and macaroons or sweet bread cumbs.

I wan’t to give you my take on it, beacuse there is so many variation on it. This is just how we make it in our family.








This is not at all healthy, but it is sure delicious

4 apples/500 g.
1- 2 teaspoons Vanilla sugar
Vanilla cake powder mix
5 dl. milk
whipped cream


First you need to make your Vanilla cake powder mix. We use this stuff alot in birthday cakes. What you need to do is read the instructions. I made mine with 5 dl. milk and then I put in the powder cake mix and mixed it for 1 minut. Then it have to set for 20 minutes at least. Then it becomes almost like a pudding consistency.

Then cut and core your apples. Mine apples were super big, so there was probably more apple compot than needed. After that you want to cut your apples in small pieces, If you cut them big it is going to be harder to smash them up. When you have cut your apples, you want to put them in a pot with water it should almost cover the apples, but it must not be over the apples because then you are left with a watery compot (and we don’t want to drink from a straw) You also want to put in the vanilla sugar. set it to boil on medium heat for about 30 minutes. you should check on it every 10 minutes. You know your apples are ready when you can smash them up with a spoon.

You want to let the compot cool before asembling.

Now layer the apple compot, cake mix and cumblet macaroons. Repeat this until you have no more apple compot (I managed to get 2 layers of this)

Whip up some whipped cream and top the cake with it.


Have you ever tried Apple cake like this, if so how did you make it?
write it in the comment section, I would love to know.
If you try out this recipeĀ I would love to know if you liked it.

Much Love