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Review of the Tanya burr eyeshadow pallette

I recently bought the Burrs 3 eyeshadow pallete. I bought the “Galaxy palette”, the “fairytale palette” and the “hollywood palette”. I know these palettes came out quite awile ago and I don’t know why I haven’t bought Tanya Burrs makeup earliere?

I wanted to do a little review because I want to by something from her new collection. The soft luxe collection, beacuse I saw her youtube and that collection is just super pretty, and look so luxurious and pretty, so therefore I wanted to the review now.

Btw. I ordered my makeup from feelunique.com  beacause this is the only place I can get it from. Also if you like Zoella on youtube she also has som beauty products, and you can also find them on the site. They also alot other brands of makeup. Makeup that you normally don’t find in Denmark.

Zoellas channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390

Tanya Burrs channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/pixi2woo

Now on to the makeup










Galaxy palette                                                 Farytale palette                           Hollywood palette 












All of the colours are super picmentatet and they kind of creamy and soft. They super good to do a day look and a night look were you can smoke it out.


Look out on my blog beacause I have done a makeup look using the farytale palette.

What do you think of the Tanya Burr cosmetics and are you gonna buy some?

Much Love

My beauty wish list at the moment


1. The Urban Decay naked pallete 3.
This pallete has been out for a long time now, but i have never bought it because it is to more exspensive for me. Even thoug it is expensive I have heard great things about this product and i really want to try it out.

2. Loreal true match foundation
Another product I would like to add to my foundation collection.

3. Lancome volume a porter mascara
This is one of the newest mascaras lancome has come out with. I just saw someone on youtube, who tried it out and it looked amazing on her.

4. Lancome grandiose mascara 
Another mascara from Lancome that I want to try. But again it is really exspensive.

5. cliniuqe cc cream
This CC cream gives a light coverage, but makes your skin look dewy and healthy. A perfect CC cream for everyday use.

6. Doolce & Gabbana Dolce eau de parfume 
I smelled this parfume at my local beauty store and it smells so good that i wanted to buy it right away, but then I saw the price and I decided to save my money. But i defenitly want to try it out someday. I need it for my small perfume collection.

That’s what is on my wishlist at the moment. Great (exspensive) products all around.


Much Love