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TV Shows I am loving on netflix right now

Are you in quarantine because if the Covid-19 or are you just looking to binge on a new show?

I will share with you series i am loving right now.
I live in denmark so some of the series may not be on your netflix.

I have been watching this show from the beginning. It is one of those show that is interesting but still a bit weird, you can’t stop watching.
This has it ups and down, but still wanting to see how this show develops.
If you love a good teenage drama with a twist of murder and gangs this is the show for you.

Once a witch
This is a spanish series. I don’t speak spanish but I really want to learn it. This gives me a chance for me to learn and understand the language. The second season has just come out so definitely binging on that πŸ˜€
It is about a witch who comes from the past into the future. seems kinda weird but it is actually pretty funny and interesting.

I love this series. It got history, love stories, drama.
I love the acting it really gets hooked. the plot is really convincing.

Sex education
This show is about a kind of awkward a teenage kid who teaches kid about love/sex. It is really funny.

The witcher
My boyfriend wanted to watch this with me, and I was like sure why not, but I was pleasantly surprised of the acting and the fight scenes. I did not expect to love this but Henry Cavill is the perfect actor for the main character (plus he is good looking :D). I know it has been out for a while, but just go watch if you won’t be disappointed.

Season 1 and 2
This show always has you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes you think oh I know what is going to happen, but then you get shocked.
The is just a good show, it is a about a stalker joe and that’s is all I am going to say, because I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t watched it.

Are there any show you would recommend that is an absolutely must to see on netflix. Please let me know.

Much love

Favorite skincare right now

What I use in the morning

In the morning I have been using Garnier Lavindin anti wrinkle cream. I bought this when it first came out because I wanted to try it, but it has become my everyday staple face cream. it doesn’t irritate my skin, and I have almost ran out of it, that is how much I love it

What I use in the evenings

My skin is so dry, and I have a tendency to get these dry patches so I have to use a thick cream at night so my skin have time to really soak it in.

To take my makeup of I use the Garnier bio lemon grass gel wash I don’t use this around my eyes, but manly on my face. If I have mascara or eyeshadow I will use coconut oil. I love the chamomile cleanser from the body shop, but it is just kind if expensive to me so I and I feel just like coconut oil so therefor I would rather just use coconut oil, plus I always have it on hand because I use it in cooking too. πŸ˜€
I don’t use any toner because I feel like it dry out my skin. but then I apply my lotion. in a couple of months I have used the overnight mask from pure and care the honey sleep mask. I love this stuff, even though it is an overnight mask, it does soke in rather quickly (depending on how much you use) an it just leaves my skin feeling soft

I don’t have a long list of products I use, I like to keep it simple

Are there any products you have tried that is really good for dry skin. I would love to know

Much Love

My very first Sourcedbox – April Box

Healty, Natural snacks

Sourcedbox is a sancking service. They deliver healthy, natural snacks every month. Most of the things are eather vegan, dairy free, organic and so on.

This box is created by niomi smart, Marcus butler and Max.
You can order this box if you live in Europe.

You can order a on off box, subcription month to month or a annual subcription.

Do you want to order you own box?Β https://sourcedbox.com/refer/Maria-XREGQSSV

If you subcribe to sourcedbox through the link above tou will receive 15% off you first MONTHLY box. Just to make you aware, that this helps me get a discount on my next box.
I’m am not the only person that can do this. You can even do it! When you subscribe to your Monthly sourcedbox you get a refferal code. This code can you put anywhere. I wanted to share this with you, in case you wanted to help out a friend or a family member to get a cheaper box.

Now what is in this box, this month.

april box 14


april box 15


april box 1


april box
All of the stuff that is in this sourcedbox.


april box 13
This is organic flakees. Veggie and fruit dried Nibbles. This contain summer berries, beetroot og chia. Have no added sugar, gluten & Wheat free, Dairy free and vegan friendly.


april box 12
Sweet potato crisps. Contains only sweet potatoes, High Oleic Sunflower oil and sea salt.


april box 11
Raspberry coconut pecks. Crunchy air-dried coconut chips. Organic, Gluten-free, Raw, Vegan and Paleo.


april box 16
A Beetroot bar. Contains Dates, Cashews, Beetroot and sunflower seeds. No refined sugar, Gluten free and dairy free.


april box 10
This is organic chcolate with goji berries & Vanilla. produced Raw & Dairy free.


april box 9
Raw super flapjack. No gluten, dairy, wheat & nut free recepies.


april box 8
Oranic instant red miso soup on the go. Vegan.


april box 7
Pure maple wather. This maple wather is naturally sweet and refreshing with a hint of maple.


april box 6
A apple, banana, lemon dessert bar. Contains 2 dates, 4 almonds, 1 whole apple, 1/2 glass og swiss milk, 1/2 tsp amaranth, pinch of cinnamon and 3 drops of cider vinegar.


april box 5
Handmade Vanilla chocolate buttons. No dairy, no wheat, no gluten & no refined sugar.


april box 2
A superfood powder. This will boost any drink, juice or meal.



I am super excited to try out all of these things.

Have your gotten your april box or are you planning to get the May box? If you have your box, what do you think of it this month?


Much Love

My favorite mascara right now

I have a hard time finding the perfect mascara. That one mascara you just cant live without. And now I think I have found mine. It’s the Maybelline Volume express mascara in waterproof.I have never thought about trying this mascara, beacuse it didn’t look like it would do anything. But let me tell you it does.

Why havn’t I tried this before you may asked? I have no good answer for you.

I have really long lashes already, but this just make my lashes even longer. And it dosen’t clump or anything.
I use the waterproof version because it just hold my curl all day, And I need that. It gets my lashes in my inner corner and just lifts them up.

This is the perfect mascara for me right now.edit



Have you tried this mascara. Do you like it? Tell me in the comment section.

Much Love