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Sourcedbox – January 2018

Time to show you what is in this months sourcedbox. I think this is my favorite box they have come out with. Excited to see the rest of the boxes this year.


Kale chips – Tanya’s
Cheesy kale crisps, with sundried tomato and cashew sauce.
I now I am going to love these, I am obsessed with Kale chips.

Vanilla choc chip protein bar – Pulsin
Cookie dough texture bar, with 13g. of plant based protein. Yum!

Tropical mix – Wyldsson
A mix of cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds, banana, raisins, coconut, mango, raspberries and orange. This just sound delicious!

Dark chocolate bananito – Mightybee
Solar dried banana bar, that has been dipped in dark chocolate. Never tried a solar dried banana bar, but hey I am excited to try this.

Fruit and nut 75% – Enjoy
Chocolate bar with raisins and crunchy almond pieces.
Been enjoying dark chocolate a lot more these days.

Cacao and orange flapjack – Creative nature
Raw cacao bar with an added hint of orange, with lots of fibre and protein.
Just ate this, yum! Love anything orange 😀

Cinnamon and ginger goody bites – Biostyle
Goody bites with cinnamon and ginger.

Orange sparkling water – ugly
100% natural sparkling water with orange and mandarin
Orange again, yum!

Full of beans – The food doctor
a mix of roasted and salted beans.
These were so good!

Dried jujube fruit – Abakus
sweet and chewy jujube fruit.
Never tried jujube, i am intrigued

Chocolate protein powder – Pulsin
Plant based chocolate protein powder.
Who doesn’t  like chocolate 🙂


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If you subscribe to Sourcedbox through the link above you will receive 15% off your first MONTHLY box. Just to make you aware, that this helps me get a discount on my next box.
I’m am not the only person that can do this. You can even do it! When you subscribe to your Monthly Sourcedbox you get a refferal code. This code can you put anywhere. I wanted to share this with you, in case you wanted to help out a friend or a family member to get a cheaper box.

Much love

Sourcedbox – December 2017

I have decided to subscribe to sourcedbox again. I have missed it so much. So you can see my post every month, and see what is in the box, and what my thoughts about the box of the month is. On the bottom of the page, there will be a link. It will take you to Sourcedbox’s webpage. If you subscribe to your first monthly box you can save some money, by clicking on the link.

Look at all these yummy snacks!

Vegetable Crisps – Emily Crisps
I love crunchy crisps, these are a good alternative. I have tried their version with banana crisps, and they were so good. This package contain French beans, sugar snap peas and black edamame beans.

Bliss balls – The Bondi kitchen
These are plant protein bliss balls, with nut and a hint of orange. I love the combination chocolate and orange, and it is perfect for christmas.

Mint chocolate/cherry protein bites – SAF
These are chocolate bites with cherry and mint. I work out so this is a perfect after workout snack.

Seed superbar – Naturya
This is a high protein and fiber bar. It is packed with 8 superfoods. So easy to get some superfoods.

Christmas spice chocolate bar – Sourcedbox
This is sourcedbox very own chocolatebar. It is a chocolate bar with spices, orange and raisins. This is so good, it is not to dark, and to light when it comes to the chocolate. The spice and orange flavours are perfect for christmas. I tasted it right away, and it is so good!

Wild blackberry and pear – Sunsoul
This is an energy drink with natural ingredients. made with spring water, fruit and botanicals.

Apple and cinnamon kick banana bar – Snact
A bar with banana, oats and pumpkin seeds, apple, pecans and cinnamon.

Choc omega – Elements for life
Chocolate brownie with nuts, seeds and raw cacao. Just to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Raw millionaire bites – Livia’s kitchen
A chocolate bar with a oat base covered with a  gooey date filling, topped with a thin layer of raw dark chocolate. It sounds so good. And it has caramel in it, and I love caramel!

Berry blend – Porshn
This is a berry blend powder, that are high in vitamin C. You can put this powder in your smoothies or shakes

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Do you want to order you own box? click here

If you subscribe to Sourcedbox through the link above you will receive 15% off your first MONTHLY box. Just to make you aware, that this helps me get a discount on my next box.
I’m am not the only person that can do this. You can even do it! When you subscribe to your Monthly Sourcedbox you get a refferal code. This code can you put anywhere. I wanted to share this with you, in case you wanted to help out a friend or a family member to get a cheaper box.

Much love


Sourcedbox – May Box

I am so excited when I get a mail in my inbox and see that my sourcedbox has been shipped out. I’m just wating by my phone to see if anyone has posted there sourcedbox on instagram. just so I can see what is in there.

This box (I think) is the best one yet. So far I am liking everything in this months box. I havn’t tried everything in it, but I think I am going to like the rest of the thing.

What s sourcedbox?

If you don’t know what sourcedbox is. Then let me tell you. It is a english subscription Service. Every month you will get a lovely box, filled with healthy snacks. This is great way to discover new healthy snacks, that you may not have thought of buying.

Now for what’s in the box 

May box 0 May box 1 May box 4


May box 2
Tomato and Oregano kale chips. Crispy kale chips with tomato and oregano flavours. I have no word for these. These are so good. I have actually found a place near me, who makes something similar to these. I am definitly going to buy these again! YUM!


May box 3Coconut chips. Nutural coconut, they are gently baked. I am not a big fan of coconut, but when it is like this I love it. They are not these big cunks of coconut, they super thin and crispy.


May box 6Smashing strawberry snack pack. These are gently baked. I love dried fruit so this is perfect for me. They are soft and squishy. LOVE!


May box 7Salted plantain crisps. These are again super yummy.


May box 8 Fruit bites with millet and a variety of fruit. I cuuld eat these all day. they are great as a snack.


May box 9 These were like a little extra thing in the box. They are these mango fruit rolls. I have only tried mango one time, and I didn’t like. But these I couldn’t stop eating.


May box 10Cranky cocoa bar. Haven’t tried these yet, but sounds delisious.


May box 11 Lime and chia truffles. Tasty powerballs with an intense flavour. Haven’t tried this yet.


May box 12 Chia seed that you can sprinkle over your youghurt or put in smoothies or even for baking.


May box 13 Green tnt bar. A mix of protein, green tea, almonds and honey. For a good energy boosting snack. Haven’t tried this yet.


May box 14 Matcha green tea drink with apple flavour. Perfect for on the go. sound really good. Haven’t tried this yet.

Do you want to order you own box? https://sourcedbox.com/refer/Maria-XREGQSSV

If you subcribe to sourcedbox through the link above tou will receive 15% off you first MONTHLY box. Just to make you aware, that this helps me get a discount on my next box.
I’m am not the only person that can do this. You can even do it! When you subscribe to your Monthly sourcedbox you get a refferal code. This code can you put anywhere. I wanted to share this with you, in case you wanted to help out a friend or a family member to get a cheaper box.

Click here to check out the April box



Fun easter treat. Bunny Bait!

I love easter. the fun bright colors. More sunshine. Just the fact that we are getting closer to summer is exciting to me.

I want to show this fun easter treat. This is good to make with you kids or if you have a easter party. This could be a snack you could give to the kids or even adult if you wanted.

Just keep scrolling if you wanna found out how to make it.
This reminds me of Dory from fnding nemo. You know “just keep scrolling, just keep scolling” Or you dont know and this is just a really really bad joke 😀















Ingredients you will need

  • Popcorn (I used one for the microwave)
  • Marsmallow
  • Mini pretzels
  • Chocolate almond eggs
  • 150 g. of white chocolate or whatever you prefer
  • colorfull springles
  • bags for the bunny bait
  • colorfull strings
  • tags (used some from christmas)


The simples steps to this recipe

Melt the chocolate over water bath. While the chocolate is melting you make your popcorns. Now put in the ramaning ingredients and pour over the white chocolate. I don’t have grams on how much of the pretzel and marsmallow or other things I put in, because I just put in how much i wanted in, and how much I felt like there needed to be in. So if you want more pretzel in, just put more pretzels in.

When you have poured over the melted chocolate, just mix it all togehter. Put it on a bakingsheet and let it cool and drie before putting it in a bag.
When it is ready to put in the bag, then this is the time to put your own spin, maybe choose different colors if it’s for a boy or a girl.

There you go. You now have this cute easter treat.

Happy easter!!

Much Love

The best recipe on fluffy and foolproof buns

This recipe is so easy and have never failed me. These bun are super delisious, fluffy and seriously addicting. They are best right out of the oven with a little bit of butter.






I have actually gotten this recipe from my grandmother from a long time ago, because this recipe was so good that i had to make it myself.

I can’t even tell how much I love theese buns, they are just that delisious.
They are great for birthdays with a cup of coco, or for breakfast.

I really wanted to share this recipe with you guys, beacuse I want you to make them aswell. And then you will see why I am so addicted to theese.

I generally love to bake, and try out new recipes, but when you have one that works, you never throw that away.

Ingrediens you need:

50 g. fresh yeast
3 dl. milk
500. g. flour
1 egg
A pinch of salt
50 g. sugar
100 g. butter

Melt the butter, when the butter is melted add the milk. This butter and milk mixture need to be lukewarm. I have this rule, if you can touch it without burning yourself it is good(It needs to be warm so it activate the yeast, but not so hot that it kills the yeast).
Add the mixture to a bowl and crumble the yeast in and melt the yeast. add the egg, sugar and salt and whisk it in.
Put in the flour. The dough maybe needs a bit more or a bit less depending on the room tempature. Mine dough needed as bit more. This dough should be a little sticky but not too much.
Let the dough rise for an hourh, it should rise double it size.

When the dough has risen, turn on your oven to 180 degrees celcius. Form the buns.
I made about 12 bun, beacuse I made them pretty big, but you can make them smaller if you want.
Bake them for 8 to 10 minutes.

I hope you give this recipe a try, because it is just too good not too.
If you give this recipe a try put it on instagram and hashtag it with #foodwithguldbrand


Much Love


Fruit salad with vanilla cream

Fuit mixed togehter with chocolate and vanilla cream. sounds delicious right? This is so yummy and kind of healthy. I just love all the fruit mixed togehter. YUM!

11749606_917583514973658_1782323210_n 11805895_917583524973657_1255683477_n (1) 11843967_917583504973659_27659209_n 11830151_917583441640332_924501534_n 11846015_917583464973663_2019050026_n 11805997_917583478306995_671722107_n

Ingrediens for the fruit salad:

2 apples
2 bananas
2 1/2 peach (from a can)
2 slices og pinapple
A big handfull of grapes
30 grams chocolate

Ingrediens for the vanilla cream:

2 eggyokes
4 tbsp sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar
2 dl. whipped cream

Cut the apples, banana, peach, pinapple, grapes into small bite size pieces and mix them togehter in a bowl. Cut the chocolate in small pieces and add them to the fruit.

For the vanilla cream whisk the eggyokes with the sugar until it gets white and thick. In another bowl whisk the cream into whipped cream with the vanilla sugar.

Put the whipped cream into the bowl with the eggyokes and gently stir it togehter.

Then take some of the fruit in a bowl and add the vanilla cream on top. And eat! 🙂

Add whatever fruit you like. You can also add your favorit nuts or dried fruit.

Hope you enjoy

Much Love


Yummy healthy salad

I love salad and I love making them (And ofcourse eating them). The reason I love making salad is because you can customize it to your liking. And I have made my version of a good salad, and this is what i like to put in a salad.









What ingrediens did I put in?

4 Lettuce leaves
1/2 red peber
1 carrot
4 small tomatoes
1 can chickpeas
1 can of tuna
A little crublet feta on top
Burgerdressing on top

Cop the lettuce, red peber, carrot, tomatoes and mix them togehter. Mix in the chickpeas aswell. Put the tuna on top and then the cumble feta. I’ve used burgerdressing as a dressing, because I think it taste good with anything. 🙂
You can put whatever dressing you like.

Now enjoy

Much Love


Homemade sweet potato chips

I have really been craving som chips lately, but I wanted some healthy ones. I then decided to make my own. Theese chips are super crispy and good for you.







2 Sweet potato
2- 3 teaspoon Olive oil

Wash and scrub your sweet potatos good. Pat them dry, and cut them thinly either with a mandolin or a knife. I just used a knife.
put the olive oil in a bowl and toss the potatos in the oil.
Place your sweet potatos on your bakeing pan lined with baking paper, and sprinkle them with salt.

Now put the sweet potatos in your 180 degres (celsius)  oven for 15-20 minutes. flip them halfway, and keep a good eye on them because they can brown easily.

Let them cool for a bit and then you can enjoy this healthy yummy treat


Much Love

DIY Starbucks cotton candy frapuccino

I’ve always wanted to try the cotton candy frapuccino, but there is just two problems i don’t live near a starbucks, and they don’t sell them in the danish starbucks. So I firgured out that I could just make it myself. And now I have. I’ts delicious 🙂







What do you need?

This recepie is for one person only, so you might have to double it.

1,5 dl. icecubes
1,5 dl. milk
3 tablespoons vanilla icecream
3 tablespoons rasberry jam
Whipcreme for the topping

Strain you jam if it is with seeds, if you want a more smooth consistency.
After that put all your ingrediens in you blender and blend away.
Top it with whipped cream.

Now you have your own cotton candy frappucino.


Much Love

Den bedste kartoffelsalat nogensinde

Jeg har ikke altid været glad for kartoffelsalater, men efter jeg selv har prøvet at lave den der hjemme, er jeg nu addicted.






500 – 600g. kartofler
2 – 3 tsk. dild (efter smag)
lidt citronsaft
1 – 1,5 tsk. salt
1 lille finthakket løg
1 bøtte creme fraiche 6% – 9%


Kog kartofler, mens de koger kommer du creme fraichen ned i en skål sammen med salt, løg, citronsaft og tørret dild og så rør det sammen. Når kartoflerne er kogt  skal de skrælles og skæres i stykker. (Det er selvfølgelig vigtigt at du lader kartoflerne blive kolde, så du ikke brænder dig når du skal skrælle dem) Herefter kommer du kartoflerne i dressingen.

Og det var så det! Nyd den så.
Denne kartoffelsalat er altid et must til vores grillaftener

Much Love

Der har været mange opskrifter på min blog, men jeg har bare haft mange opskrifter at dele med jer, men bare rolig der kommer snart makeup og fashion looks. Så look out!