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Testing Garnier Bio skincare

I love skincare, I really try to take care of my skin, because my skin gets very dry.
I really deal with a lot of acne when it is summer, because I sweat more, and if I don’t clean my skin it will get worse. So it is important to take of it. in the summer i get acne and in the winter it gets dry and patchy.

Sometimes I have to be really careful of the skincare I choose, because my skin will instantly react to it. I have a very weird skin.

When I saw this collection I new I had to get it. the design is so pretty, and it smells so good.
Some of the scents is maybe for someone who is a bit older, but I would still use it, and I’m 23 years old. So If you like the scents, then you go girl! πŸ˜€

I have bought 4 of their products:

– Bio lemongrass Gel wash
This is so moisturizing, and it can take some of your makeup off, that’s what I have used it for anyway. I also use it after my workout when I have been sweating a lot . And you only need like 1 1/2 pump.

– Bio Lavender day care cream
I love the smell of lavender, but maybe someone can feel like it is a bit overwhelming. this is again really moisturizing. I use this before i put makeup on.

– Bio Cornflower micellar water
This just remove ekstra makeup and dirt from your skin, it feels really good on my skin. I don’t feel like it is drying on my skin.

– Bio argan rescue Balm
This is a bit thicker than a day cream, but I just wouldn’t call it a balm. A balm for me is more oily and thicker. A balm for me is more like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. And I use this at night so it really can soak in to the skin when I sleep peacefully. But for me it is a thick day cream.

Have you tried the new line?
I really want to get my hands on the other products in the line. i really think this is my favorite line from them.

Much Love