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My spring essentials! 2016

Spring is here. The weather here is finnally getting warmer, where I live. I’m am super excited for summer. But before summer, spring comes. I have gathered a few of my essentials for spring. These are the things I will use most this spring.




Beceause I’m am so pail, I almost blend in with my white sheets I like to wear a tan. Now this is actually a gradual tan, because a normal tan, would just look to orange on me. This is the Dove Derma spa for meduim to dark skin. This tan just look really natural and just adds a sunkissed look to your skin. I was actually inspired by anna saccone on youtube, to use this tan. You can go and watch the video here.


I am all about that waterproof mascara. If you have read any of my makup blog posts, you know that I only wear waterproof mascara. This is the maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara, and this keeps my lashes curled all day. A recent favorite of mine.
Bright lips is the way to go in spring and summer time. This is a lipgoss from maybeline in Alluring Coral. When you have it on, it almost looks like you just ate a orange posicle, which I love.
Here we have a mat lipstick, because sometimes I want a matt look. This is from rimmel in the color 109. It dosen’t have a color name, it is just called 109. Super pretty color.


This Β is a lipbalm with a little bit of color. And this is if I don’t want to wear a lipgloss or a lipstick. I just grap this and it gives my lips a little bit of color. This is the babylips in the color cherry me.


hydration, hydration, hydration. It is so important to keep your skin and body hydrated. I have a tendency to foget to drink water, so I keep a waterbottle next to me alle the time, just to keep reminding me all the time.


Even though I drink water, my skin also needs a bit of love on the outside. This is a bodycreme from a danish store with pomegranatet sent. Love this!


13115787_10209170725135024_1354428545_nI also want to protect my eyes from the sun, so a pair of sunglasses is what you will see me wear all spring and summer. This pair is from H&M.


13115296_10209170724775015_1605679209_nA cute, light spring top is what I need on a good spring day. From Sisters Point. Super cute!


Thoose were all my spring essentials. Hope you liked this post.

What is your spring essentials? I would love to know!


Much Love