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My August Favorites

I haven’t really done a favorites of the month. So I have been collected some of my favorite products. The last month have been all about skincare. I have really been trying to collect the skincare products that really have been working out for me.

Btw can you believe it already is september. Like what?!


The Body shop drops of youth

The makeup revolution ultra cream contour palette


Dove body lotion with tanning(a gradual tanning lotion)

Loreal pure clay cleansing gel

Vaseline Spray moisturiser

Plasir by Matas – Facial mist

Loreal pure clay glow mask

The first product is from The Body Shop. This is what I have to say about the product I LOVE IT. I think this is amazing. It is a liquid peel. It is like nothing I have ever tried before. When you use it, you have to use it in circular Β motions, then it starts to clump up, and that is all your dead skin, then you wash it off, and you have this ” new” skin,” and you look so fresh. I use this ones a week.

The next product is from makeup revolution. I watched a youtube video, where someone was talking about makeup revolution, And I decided i had to try it out for myself. There is also a powder version of this, it is a bit different. I was really confused if I should get the powder or the cream version, but I decided to get the cream. because I have been really into cream products.

The next product is a tanning product from Dove, but this is a gradual tanner. which i like a lot better. This looks really natural, and it just give me a sun kissed look, because I am naturally really pale. And I just think it suits me better with a bit of color. I love this one, I have been using this for a long time now. And whenever it is on sale I stock of, but also because it is a really popular product and it sells out quickly.

Loreal cleanser. I been wanting to try this product for a long time. Because i struggle alot with blackheads on my nose. I haven’t been using it for too long to give a full review, but one thing I can tell is that is have made my skin really soft.

Vaseline in a spray form. I tend to forget to moisturise my body. But I find this really easy. What I do is I spray it on ,rub it in, and I feel like it really goes into my skin quickly , and it doesn’t’ make my skin really greasy or anything. I can quickly put on my clothes afterwards.

Plasir by matas. This i from a store called Matas, and it is something you only can get in that shop. But I have been loving this. It makes my skin so glowy and healthy looking. It is so so good. If you can find it, You need to try it out. I am not sure if it would help on oily skin, because I have dry skin.

The last product is also from L’oreal. This is also a product I have been wanting to try for so long. It is a clay masks. I love masks they can do so much. This help with the pores and. It makes your skin feel really clean.

There you go that is my favorite products of August month.

Hope you enjoyed reading

Much love