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Peanut butter balls

Do you love peanutbutter as much as I do? Then you are gonna love theese peanutbutter balls. Super easy recipe too.



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Ingrediens you need:

250 g. peanutbutter
130 g. confectioners sugar
35 g. rice krispy
57 g. butter
180 g. chocolate

Melt the butter and then put the peanubutter in the butter and melt that with.
While the peanutbutter is melting, put the confectiners sugar, rice krispy in a bowl.
When the peanutbutter is melted pour it in the sugar and rice krispy and combine. It may seem like there is alot of sugar. But just combine it slow and it will come together.

Roll the mixture into balls. This is best to do with wet hands, so the peanutbutter dosen’t stick to our hands. When they are rolled put them in the frigde to cool. For about 30 minuttes.

Now melt the chocolate  and turn the balls in the chocolate. Put them in the fridge again so the chocolate can harden.

now eat these delisious treats.
Hope you will try this recipe out. If you do you can # your picture on instagram with the hashtag #blogbyguldbrand so I can see.


Much Love