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Update – Third week – Testing a skincare brand – The ordinary

It has officially been three weeks since I started to use the ordinary.

My skin feels softer. And my dry spots it starting to go away, finally

My undereye area is still kind of red, but I definitly see a difference from the first day.

I do feel like my undereyes look more red in real life, but maybe that is just me.

Pic 1: Before using The ordinary Pic 2: First week using The ordinary

Pic 1: second week using The ordinary Pic 2: Third week using The ordinary

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I have dry skin, so these product may not work for you if you have a different skin type.

What is your holy grail skincare product. I would love to know

Much Love

Update – Second week – Testing a skincare brand – The ordinary

Time for an update

some days I am really tired so I don’t feel like doing my skincare routine, but I am still doing it. yay me 🙂

I do feel like it is working and making my skin more radiant, but I still have my dry spots .

My bags under my eyes is slowly going away, but it is definitely working, I was skeptical at first. I love when I can see some results.

I haven’t changed or added anything since last time

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pic 1: before using the ordinary pic 2: first week. pic 3: second week

it can be a little difficult to see progress but these pictures are non edited and in natural lighting.
The bags doesn’t look as brown/orange anymore.

Much Love

Update – First week – Testing a skincare brand – The ordinary

Time for an update!

I have been using the products for a whole week.

In the morning
I am using the marine Marine Hyaluronics and the natural moisturizing factors + HA in my morning routine. I have also been applying a sunscreen everyday. I really want to get better at applying sunscreen, because we need to protect our skin from the sun.

In the evening
First I apply the squalane cleanser, the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, the Marine Hyaluronics, the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG (only under the eyes), the 100% Plant-Derived Squalane and the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA.
Some days I have been applying weleda skinfood – makes the skin really greasy, but is super hydrating.

On one of the days I applied AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution for only 2 minutes at night. It did sting a little bit, but I think first I have never used a peeler before, and my dry spots doesn’t like something with a lot of acid.
Remember if you use it, don’t let it sit more than 10 minutes and apply sunscreen when going out in the sun, because you skin can be more sensitive to the sun after using it. I only used it for 2 minutes because I have never tried it before on my whole face. Next time I am going to try for 3 minutes.

My skin definitely feels softer, and when I compare the 2 pictures I can definitely see a difference in my under eyes.
my skin still has some dry spots but I think I have some eczema (no fun)

Taken on the 7th of april
Comparing the 2 photos
Taken on the 7th of april Taken on the 1st of april

I haven’t noticed any irritation using this product.

If you want to read the original post where there is pictures of the products – click here

Much love

Testing a skincare brand – The Ordinary – Haul

I want to start using The ordinary line. I have heard many good things about the brand. And if any Danes follow you can get on many danes sites like cocopanda and matas.

It is really an affordable brand compared to other brands.
I want to try the the brand out for a good month. On the 1. of april is where I will start using it.

I want to document the process, therefor I want to take pictures and tell you about my experience. I will post once a week on how my skin is feeling.

Before I got these product I did do my research about the brand. They specifically have some for dry skin and that is exactly what I need. They also some for acne prone skin. I don’t have a lot of acne or other things. therefor I got these products because I think they will fit my skin pretty good.
I have also watched a lot of youtube videos and reviews.

They do have an example of a skincare regime on there website.

I just wanted to put a picture up, so you can see how my skin is looking, ofcourse you can get better view in real life. But I can tell you that my skin has dry patches, and no matter how much water I drink, how much moisturising cream I put on my skin they just won’t go away. I have always dealt with dry skin.
The other thing is I have these little bumps on my skin, not pimples but more of an irritated skin.
When I got in my teenage years I got really bad dark under eyes, and I always want to wear concealer because I think I look a little sick.

Products I got:

Glycolic acid 7% toning solution

A glycolic acid 7% toning solution
This claims to improve skin radiance and improves skin texture.

100% plant derived squalane

100% plant derived squaline.
This claims to hydrate the skin.

Caffeine solution 5% + EGCG

Caffeine solution 5% + EGCG
This is for my undereyes. It claims to reduce the looks of puffiness and dark circles .

AHA 30% – BHA 2% peeling solution

AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution
This is an acid – and you are only allowed to apply it 1-2 times a week for a maximum of 10 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, then this is maybe not a product for you.
Using it for the first time it is recommended to start with 2 minutes, the next time you apply it for 3 minutes and so on. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) exfoliate the skin’s topmost surface for a brighter and more even appearance. the formula is supposed to improve skin texture.

Marine Hyaluronics

Marine hyalorurnics
I originally wanted to get the hyaluronic acid 2% + B5.
This marine hyaluronics is a gentler version, but it also has hyaluronic acid which gives the skin a moisture boost . hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its weight in water

Squalane cleanser

Squalane cleanser
A cleanser to take of makeup or just to use as a face cleanser.
When you warm it up between your fingers it turns into and oil. I have experienced foam cleaners and they just doesn’t work for me.

Natural moisturizing factors + HA

Natural moisturizing factors + HA
A moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid.
Got this because it claims to moisturize.

Always do a patch test
Before using these or any other new skincare product, you should do a patch test on a small area, to see if your skin reacts to any of the ingredients in the formula. One time i bought a product claiming to be for sensitive skin and perfume free, and my skin reacted with getting super red and getting really hot, so always do a patch test on a small areal on your forearm or behind your ear.

I am not a esthetician or have any other education about skin/skincare. So you should really do your research before trying out new skincare. Just because something works for me, doesn’t necessarily means it will work for you.

The ordinarys website – https://theordinary.deciem.com/

Thanks for coming coming on this journey with me, can’t wait to update you.

Much Love

Favorite skincare right now

What I use in the morning

In the morning I have been using Garnier Lavindin anti wrinkle cream. I bought this when it first came out because I wanted to try it, but it has become my everyday staple face cream. it doesn’t irritate my skin, and I have almost ran out of it, that is how much I love it

What I use in the evenings

My skin is so dry, and I have a tendency to get these dry patches so I have to use a thick cream at night so my skin have time to really soak it in.

To take my makeup of I use the Garnier bio lemon grass gel wash I don’t use this around my eyes, but manly on my face. If I have mascara or eyeshadow I will use coconut oil. I love the chamomile cleanser from the body shop, but it is just kind if expensive to me so I and I feel just like coconut oil so therefor I would rather just use coconut oil, plus I always have it on hand because I use it in cooking too. 😀
I don’t use any toner because I feel like it dry out my skin. but then I apply my lotion. in a couple of months I have used the overnight mask from pure and care the honey sleep mask. I love this stuff, even though it is an overnight mask, it does soke in rather quickly (depending on how much you use) an it just leaves my skin feeling soft

I don’t have a long list of products I use, I like to keep it simple

Are there any products you have tried that is really good for dry skin. I would love to know

Much Love

Testing Garnier Bio skincare

I love skincare, I really try to take care of my skin, because my skin gets very dry.
I really deal with a lot of acne when it is summer, because I sweat more, and if I don’t clean my skin it will get worse. So it is important to take of it. in the summer i get acne and in the winter it gets dry and patchy.

Sometimes I have to be really careful of the skincare I choose, because my skin will instantly react to it. I have a very weird skin.

When I saw this collection I new I had to get it. the design is so pretty, and it smells so good.
Some of the scents is maybe for someone who is a bit older, but I would still use it, and I’m 23 years old. So If you like the scents, then you go girl! 😀

I have bought 4 of their products:

– Bio lemongrass Gel wash
This is so moisturizing, and it can take some of your makeup off, that’s what I have used it for anyway. I also use it after my workout when I have been sweating a lot . And you only need like 1 1/2 pump.

– Bio Lavender day care cream
I love the smell of lavender, but maybe someone can feel like it is a bit overwhelming. this is again really moisturizing. I use this before i put makeup on.

– Bio Cornflower micellar water
This just remove ekstra makeup and dirt from your skin, it feels really good on my skin. I don’t feel like it is drying on my skin.

– Bio argan rescue Balm
This is a bit thicker than a day cream, but I just wouldn’t call it a balm. A balm for me is more oily and thicker. A balm for me is more like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. And I use this at night so it really can soak in to the skin when I sleep peacefully. But for me it is a thick day cream.

Have you tried the new line?
I really want to get my hands on the other products in the line. i really think this is my favorite line from them.

Much Love

My August Favorites

I haven’t really done a favorites of the month. So I have been collected some of my favorite products. The last month have been all about skincare. I have really been trying to collect the skincare products that really have been working out for me.

Btw can you believe it already is september. Like what?!


The Body shop drops of youth

The makeup revolution ultra cream contour palette


Dove body lotion with tanning(a gradual tanning lotion)

Loreal pure clay cleansing gel

Vaseline Spray moisturiser

Plasir by Matas – Facial mist

Loreal pure clay glow mask

The first product is from The Body Shop. This is what I have to say about the product I LOVE IT. I think this is amazing. It is a liquid peel. It is like nothing I have ever tried before. When you use it, you have to use it in circular  motions, then it starts to clump up, and that is all your dead skin, then you wash it off, and you have this ” new” skin,” and you look so fresh. I use this ones a week.

The next product is from makeup revolution. I watched a youtube video, where someone was talking about makeup revolution, And I decided i had to try it out for myself. There is also a powder version of this, it is a bit different. I was really confused if I should get the powder or the cream version, but I decided to get the cream. because I have been really into cream products.

The next product is a tanning product from Dove, but this is a gradual tanner. which i like a lot better. This looks really natural, and it just give me a sun kissed look, because I am naturally really pale. And I just think it suits me better with a bit of color. I love this one, I have been using this for a long time now. And whenever it is on sale I stock of, but also because it is a really popular product and it sells out quickly.

Loreal cleanser. I been wanting to try this product for a long time. Because i struggle alot with blackheads on my nose. I haven’t been using it for too long to give a full review, but one thing I can tell is that is have made my skin really soft.

Vaseline in a spray form. I tend to forget to moisturise my body. But I find this really easy. What I do is I spray it on ,rub it in, and I feel like it really goes into my skin quickly , and it doesn’t’ make my skin really greasy or anything. I can quickly put on my clothes afterwards.

Plasir by matas. This i from a store called Matas, and it is something you only can get in that shop. But I have been loving this. It makes my skin so glowy and healthy looking. It is so so good. If you can find it, You need to try it out. I am not sure if it would help on oily skin, because I have dry skin.

The last product is also from L’oreal. This is also a product I have been wanting to try for so long. It is a clay masks. I love masks they can do so much. This help with the pores and. It makes your skin feel really clean.

There you go that is my favorite products of August month.

Hope you enjoyed reading

Much love

Sådan får du en pæn og ren hud

For mig er der rigtig vigtigt at have en ren hud. Det er det første folk kigger på. Jeg bruger makeup næsten hver dag og det har huden faktisk ikke godt af. Derfor syntes jeg det er vigtigt at pleje din hud ordentligt.









Jeg bruger derfor en rensemælk fra Nivea den putter jeg rundt om øjnene og ansigtet, og den vasker jeg så af.


Derefter bruger en renseklud fra Nivea som er til sart hud og den bruger jeg til at tage min øjenmakeup af med.

ilse jacobsen
Efter jeg har taget min makeup af bruger jeg et renseprodukt fra ilse jacobsen som er sindsygt god. Den har ingredienser som hvedeprotein og grøn te i sig. Hvedeproteinen gør din hud blød og den grønne te har en beskyttende og beroligende virkning. Jeg har altid haft mørke rander under øjnene, men det her produkt har næsten fjernet dem, hvilket er super fedt og du skal kun bruge et pump, hvilket er på størrelse med en ært så den her kan du bruge rigtig længe.


Så er det tid til at blødgøre din hud og her bruger jeg Plasir Mosturising body creme og jeg ved godt det er en bodycreme. Jeg var lidt uheldig da jeg købte den og så forkert på bøtten, men det opdagede jeg selvfølgelig først da jeg var kommet hjem.Jeg besluttede mig bare at bruge den på ansigtet alligevel. Og den har indtil videre virket for mig, da den gør min hud så blød at jeg ikke føler jeg behøver at bruge en reel ansigts creme.



En gang imellem bruger jeg også en exefolierende scrub. Den her bruger jeg 1 gange om ugen.

Jeg bruger ikke særlig meget makeup. Derfor burger jeg ikke mange renseprodukter. Det eneste jeg bruger er concealer, mascara, eyeliner og nogle gange blush. For et halvt år siden besluttede jeg mig for ikke at bruge en foundation, fordi jeg syntes den bare gjorde min hud mere bleg, da jeg ikke fik nok sollys på mit ansigt. og min hud reageret heller ikke så godt med foundation, og jeg syntes bare jeg at jeg fik flere og flere bumser. Derfor besluttede jeg mig bare for at bruge concealer, da jeg ikke vil se for træt ud med mine mørke rander under øjnene.

Husk på det er godt for din hud at have nogle makeup fri dage.

De her produkter er bare noget der har virket for mig, og hvis du har en lidt anden hudtype kan det være den ikke virker på dig, men prøv dig frem eller gå ned i den lokale matas butik og hør hvad du kan gøre for at få en ren hud. Jeg er sikker på at de kan hjælpe dig.

Jeg håber at det her vil kunne hjælpe dig lidt frem. Min hud rutine/skincare rutine ændre sig tit og jeg prøver tit nye produkter, for at finde ud af hvad der virker for min hud.

Much Love

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