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What I love about fall

I have mentioned this a couple of times but I love fall!! But if you read my blog you probably know that by now.

There are somthing I look forward to in every season so now I wanted to share what I look forward to in the fall months or what I love about fall.


The colour change

The colour change on leaves witch is my abselout favorite thing about fall. You can from day to day see that we are slowly going from summer til fall. Everyday there are theese little changes.


Food and drinks change
The food changes from light to heavy. What I mean by that is before i would eat something fresh and now in the fall months I can eat soup because it is warming and comforting. And i can get away with drinking a cup of hot cocao, because I wont burn up because the weather is too hot.


I can layer my clothes
I am always cold, so now I can finally layer my clothes. I especially love to wear theese warm long cardigans, they are just so comfy. And I can wear big sweaters without sweating.


I have like 10 blankets but it is officially to warm to put them on in the summer. Now I can sit and whatch my favorite show while wearing/putting on a cozy blancket.


The weather
It is not to cold and it is not to hot. It is just perfect.


This is what I love about the fall months. What do you love about fall??

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