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My beauty wish list at the moment


1. The Urban Decay naked pallete 3.
This pallete has been out for a long time now, but i have never bought it because it is to more exspensive for me. Even thoug it is expensive I have heard great things about this product and i really want to try it out.

2. Loreal true match foundation
Another product I would like to add to my foundation collection.

3. Lancome volume a porter mascara
This is one of the newest mascaras lancome has come out with. I just saw someone on youtube, who tried it out and it looked amazing on her.

4. Lancome grandiose mascara 
Another mascara from Lancome that I want to try. But again it is really exspensive.

5. cliniuqe cc cream
This CC cream gives a light coverage, but makes your skin look dewy and healthy. A perfect CC cream for everyday use.

6. Doolce & Gabbana Dolce eau de parfume 
I smelled this parfume at my local beauty store and it smells so good that i wanted to buy it right away, but then I saw the price and I decided to save my money. But i defenitly want to try it out someday. I need it for my small perfume collection.

That’s what is on my wishlist at the moment. Great (exspensive) products all around.


Much Love